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 The Interspect IS 4 camera is the fourth developed calibrated aerial sensor of the group. This camera achieved first time the 0.5 cm spatial resolution.
Interspect IS 4 multispectral aerial camera



 The Interspect IS 4 developed by our group is the fourth piece of the calibrated aerial camera series. The preparation of the multispectral remote sensing equipment was preceded by a six-year research. The first system was completed in 2008 in the Interspect’s laboratory, and it has proven in several mapping, scientific and administrative projects since then. The constantly expanding spectral range and the radically increasing resolution has not accompanied by the reduction of the dynamic indicators of channels. Due to this our company shows the most excellent image-quality calibrated aerial cameras from time to time. We constantly keep abreast of times focusing on the special needs, however, we also keep in mind the cost-effective production of more conventional mapping and remote sensing projects.
Serving a wide variety of needs
 Serving a wide variety of needsMaking aerial surveys for conventional mapping, covering large areas the system is capable to record even 60-400 megapixel for shorten the flight time and reduce the number of flight-lines and images. These significantly accelerate the processing. 
 According to the detection of special objects, phenomena in many cases unique spectral calibration is used which differs from the base system.
 The additional equipments are part of the system and the process makes possible the uniquely high spatial resolution. We have reached the 1.8 cm spatial resolution firstly in the world later we have realized the half cm spatial resolution by our experimental camera and meanwhile by the IS 3 and IS 4 systems.


 About IS 4 system

 The Interspect IS 4 is a complete solution to obtain basic surface data for the latest IT systems, forestry, water management, drainage planning, municipal and other administrative, environmental protect information systems and also for the spatial extension and the environmental interpolation of field measuring results.
 The system includes:

- On-board software InterSpect
- Flight control and navigation control system
- Self-orientation navigation system
- Post-processing software
- Camera Positioner Unit
- Camera Head Unit (lenses, sensors, computers, storage devices)

-          Calibrated large format camera system
-          28, 60, 186, 400 MP resolution
-          14, 24, 35, 50, 85, 120, 200, 300 mm focal lenght
-          PAV-80, PAV-30 compatibility
-          0,6 – 1,1 – 5,7 - 12 sec readout rate
-          0,5 cm available spatial resolution (depending on configuration)
-          Compact and space-saving layout
-          Quickly removable mass storage to extend the flight time
-          During operation (active flight line) changeable aperture, shutter speed and sensitivity
-          RGB, CIR, UV spectral ranges
-          1/8000 – 1 sec záridő
-          16-bit/band analog - digital conversion
-          Raw (16 bit), TIFF (8-16bit), JPEG (8-bit) image formats
-          Dimensions: 470 x 388 x 310 mm + Touch Screen Monitor
-          Weight: 46 kg
-          Power consumption: 70 W at 30 VDC